Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kellie Gurl

Kellie is Gurl of the day!

I looked at Kellie's portfolio on Flickr, which includes pictures since 2008. In her latest 2015 photos, she looks younger, thinner, and more feminine! Is she a real-life Benjamine Button?

  pretty tgirl

In her blonde pics, Kellie looks a bit like Stephanie Abrams of the Weather Channel. The hair color is somewhat different, but the smiles are similar. Plus, both are tall and kind of busty.

Am I right?

These are photos of Stephanie:

14th Annual Sustainable Design Awards

And these are photos of Kellie.

Untitled 14th Annual Sustainable Design Awards

Finally, above, headshots of both Kellie and Stephanie. I hope the formatting works.

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