Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cristina Bugatty

transkabarett                    27-11-09

Today, I wish I could understand Italian.

The lovely and talented Cristina Bugatty has been posting some terrific videos to YouTube lately. From what I can tell using Google Translate, Cristina has been famous in Italy for about 10 years. She was originally known as a singer (those linked songs are in English) and was controversially cut from the San Remo Festival back in 2003. The news stories of the time called her a "transsexual," but her YouTube profile is Italia Crossdresser and she has posted in comments "No, I do not live full time as a woman...I enjoy to change identity often :))."  She has also commented, "I studied acting, I'm an actress, or at least I try .... a bit 'as Tootsie .."

If you look around on YouTube, you can find any number of impressive videos featuring Cristina. None, so far as I can tell, are "transformation" videos that show her putting on makeup. Nor does she simply wiggle around in front of a camera once fully clothed (though she has posted this). I'm grateful for her creativity and artistic sense.

For a good example of her work, watch this surprisingly sexy video of her exiting a train station and walking to her car:

Cristina does have the advantage of location. This is her Venice video:

Cristina has been featured frequently as a guest on a television program called "Lilit." and her Facebook photos page includes video from some sort of television series. Spoiler: much of the comedy turns on the fact that she is observed exiting a Men's room.

Finally, this video is a collection of photos from her career.

Note: If you want to watch this interview, but don't speak Italian, check out this transcript.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Get Well Soon

December 2008 by Rachel Oliver
December 2008, a photo by Rachel Oliver on Flickr.
This picture of Rachel is five years old, but Rachel hasn't posted any 2013 pics.

This lapse is because she has faced some serious health issues this year. Full recovery soon Rachel!