Monday, July 20, 2015

Alice Cos Group

These are some members of the Alice Weiniang Group, which apparently includes about 200 young men in total.


The story linked above has some information about the group:
Requirements for prospective members are simple. You must be male, at least 18, slender, have soft facial features and a "feminine" body figure without broad shoulders. 
Founded in 2009, the troupe initially only comprised nine members. Today, it has grown to 200 members who include singers, dancers, photographers, makeup artists and wardrobe stylists. Hua Junzhe, the AWG's founder and director, said most members are university students. 
Hua, 23, explained he has "learned many tricks over the years" for young men to convincingly resemble girls. 
For example, choosing wigs with blunt fringes and locks on both sides help conceal masculine, angular facial features. Tops with long sleeves can cover muscular arms, while full, fluffy skirts are better than pants at hiding male curves. Hua also advises performers to tilt their heads down at roughly a 45-degree angle to look better on camera and conceal any unsightly Adam's apples. 
The troupe's stars earn a monthly bonus of around 5,000 yuan ($827) during the peak performance season, which spans the year-end period. 
This story is also worth reading (and it includes a number of impressive photos). More here.

One more video:

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  1. Incredible. Oh how I wish...
    Have you come across Yohio - a Swedish singer and guitarist (Kevin Johio Lucas Rehn Eires) who performs in Brolita mode?