Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sound familiar?

I've watched a lot of youtube videos of singers from around the world performing on the television program "Your Face Sounds Familiar."  Follow that Wikipedia link and you'll see that the show has many names, but the format is generally the same. Singers and actors perform a song dressed as the original performer.

Often, that means men performing in drag.

Based on my viewing experiences, I'd say the best of these are young men with versatile voices. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find many singing in English on English language shows. The best have been singing in other languages, though they sometimes imitate American or British stars (singing in English). The native language performances are often excellent and entertaining, but I don't understand the words.

Here are some genuine highlights. Typically, I have posted more videos from these singers on my Cover Gurlz blog.

This is the talented Valerio Scanu from Italy:

Thanh Duy from Vietnam:

Matti Jakubiec from Poland:

Augusto Schuster of Chile (performing as Adele in English):


 Pavel Arambula of Mexico:


Timur Rodrigez of Russia:

Edgar Allan Guzman of the Philippines (in English):

João Paulo Rodrigues of Portugal (singing in English):

Jorge of Romania:

Does anyone know of better performers from around the world? Any singing on English language programs?

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