Saturday, January 16, 2016

Global Secrets

I spend a good deal of time on youtube looking for singing videos from the television show "Your Face Sounds Familiar." It is known by various names in different countries around the world. It can be frustrating to find new videos.

Some of the videos are posted by fans, and they are often blocked by the network that originally aired the footage. Other videos are posted by the networks, but are blocked in my country -- or removed after a short period of time.

The Romanian version, called "Te cunosc de undeva!" is known for its terrific impersonators, but many of the very best performances seem to be unavailable on youtube. The most recent entire season seems to be blocked from viewers in the USA.

Here are a few pics of a couple of the best femulators singing.

Florin Ristei has performed often as a gurl:

Serban Copot's recent videos are particularly difficult to find: