Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cristina Bugatty

transkabarett                    27-11-09

Today, I wish I could understand Italian.

The lovely and talented Cristina Bugatty has been posting some terrific videos to YouTube lately. From what I can tell using Google Translate, Cristina has been famous in Italy for about 10 years. She was originally known as a singer (those linked songs are in English) and was controversially cut from the San Remo Festival back in 2003. The news stories of the time called her a "transsexual," but her YouTube profile is Italia Crossdresser and she has posted in comments "No, I do not live full time as a woman...I enjoy to change identity often :))."  She has also commented, "I studied acting, I'm an actress, or at least I try .... a bit 'as Tootsie .."

If you look around on YouTube, you can find any number of impressive videos featuring Cristina. None, so far as I can tell, are "transformation" videos that show her putting on makeup. Nor does she simply wiggle around in front of a camera once fully clothed (though she has posted this). I'm grateful for her creativity and artistic sense.

For a good example of her work, watch this surprisingly sexy video of her exiting a train station and walking to her car:

Cristina does have the advantage of location. This is her Venice video:

Cristina has been featured frequently as a guest on a television program called "Lilit." and her Facebook photos page includes video from some sort of television series. Spoiler: much of the comedy turns on the fact that she is observed exiting a Men's room.

Finally, this video is a collection of photos from her career.

Note: If you want to watch this interview, but don't speak Italian, check out this transcript.

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  1. Cross-dressing as art. If I could, I would definitely ask Cristina 2 things: when did she quit eating, and how do a man's naked waist and thighs 'play' those of a graceful woman.