Saturday, January 16, 2016

Global Secrets

I spend a good deal of time on youtube looking for singing videos from the television show "Your Face Sounds Familiar." It is known by various names in different countries around the world. It can be frustrating to find new videos.

Some of the videos are posted by fans, and they are often blocked by the network that originally aired the footage. Other videos are posted by the networks, but are blocked in my country -- or removed after a short period of time.

The Romanian version, called "Te cunosc de undeva!" is known for its terrific impersonators, but many of the very best performances seem to be unavailable on youtube. The most recent entire season seems to be blocked from viewers in the USA.

Here are a few pics of a couple of the best femulators singing.

Florin Ristei has performed often as a gurl:

Serban Copot's recent videos are particularly difficult to find:


  1. ma che bellissima creatura e meravigliosa e sensuale cantante non la conoscevo d'ora in poi sarò una sua accanita fan!!! grazie per queste particolari notizie del nostro mondo!!! baci baci baci

  2. Hi Elle,

    I well understand your fascination with ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ and its various international editions. I too find myself returning to search out images from this. My collection of these, to add to your admirable YouTube and Cover Gurl lists, can be found on my Pinterest page, .

    With what are presumably generous budgets and with access to dress makers, prosthetic makeup and expert stylists, the transformations achieved are generally remarkable, not pandering to comedic drag or over-played caricature.

    I do question why I’m fascinated by the transformations on this show in particular. Projection seems to play an important part in choosing what most appeals to me. For example, individuals that I can most readily identify with physically (in terms of their ethnic/physical topology, physical size and to a more limited extent age) seem to be relevant.

    Another key factor for what engages me seems to be the aspect of the female character that’s being portrayed, especially in terms of look (beauty, youthfulness, glamour, coquettish, etc.).

    But perhaps, where Your Face intrigues me most, is the taking of a particular chap and seeing him styled, perhaps willingly or otherwise, into the guise of a convincing woman, as well as crossing over a boundary into a world in which he is fully treated like and expected to act like a woman, if somewhat mockingly (e.g. in being led and touched by male backing dancers, singing a lyric intended to be sung by a woman). It is quite a magical show, sadly no longer showing in my own country (the UK).

    Keep up the good work!