Saturday, September 27, 2014

Soy Tu Doble

I've spent too much of my weekend on youtube watching videos of a Mexican television program called "Soy Tu Doble." Some of the portrayals have been exceptional. I may post some additional material at Gossip Gurl if I get a chance.

Cristobal Orellana has been a terrific. Here, the singer is featured in a battle of dueling Miley Cyrus impersonators -- can you tell which one is the gurl?

Still shot:

Here is Cristobal performing again, this time as Janet Jackson:

I'm not even sure Cristobal is my favorite entertainer on the program, as Francisco Puga is also an exciting talent. This is a performance as Shakira, again in a duel:

Still shot:

I don't really know Cristobal's background, but Puga has been at this kind of impersonation for some time. Check out this vocal and physical performance as Amaia Montero:

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