Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I find it impossible to go more than a couple of weeks without looking for new pictures of Andrej Pejic. This photo from a 2010 collection is fantastic, right?

Though that well-known Pejic website says young Andrej has a 30" waist (and enviable 36-30-33 measurements), recent news reports suggest a different person.

Would you believe a 25" waist and 35" hips?

This Canadian newspaper reported that Pejic has "the same measurements as Naomi Campbell (34-26-35) and the same porcelain skin and arresting features as Kate Moss."
“I work at it,” he says. “You can’t maintain a 26-inch waist eating chocolate cake every day.”
That story (and others) also reported several other bits of gossip.

Pejic met the queen wearing a skirt, enjoys reading Trotsky -- and dreams of posing in Playboy.

I'm at a loss for words.

So here are at least 1000 words from the 2011 collection: