Friday, March 13, 2009

Aubrey Frost

Aubrey Frost is a princess on-line, but in real-life she is probably just a regular Jo.

I'm a little worried about her right now because her main website is down.
Hi. I'm going through a lot right now and I've decided that for the time being I am going to put my website on hold. This is not a purge.

I am still reachable through email. My email address is [withheld].

I'm extremely grateful for the people who have supported me, given me advice or just been there to say hello. Thank you so much.

See you soon!
Aubrey recently went out in public for the first time -- and even more recently had a lot of electrolysis work.

That could all be fine, but she's also married and has a child.

Somethings up and I hope she's well.

Update: Aubrey's Flickr site now restricts viewing and the myspace page has only one photo. I hope the beautiful full size pic I originally posted here returns soon.

Update 2 (August 2012): Jo has apparently abandoned her public accounts and removed photos from various old websites and social platforms. I like to think that she'll contact me on Facebook some day, confident that I will respect her privacy. Her public persona was once so important, but she has obviously decided to be more secretive now. Mentally, I like to picture her living her dream, growing out her lovely red hair, and spending quality time with her children. Maybe this minute she is feeling beach sand between her toes or enjoying a sunset somewhere.


  1. This is truely one of the saddest pieces of Gurly information...
    One hopes that Audrey's feeling good enough to update her site soon. She's one of the most natural and attractive gurls on the web, and has been since her earliest posting days when she was a college co-ed...

    here's to hoping she comes back real soon.

  2. She is purposely out of the public eye and transitioning in private living her life as the woman she always was. Happy mothers day Aubrey aka Just Jo...where ever you are :)

  3. I wonder if she's ever contacted you all these years. I would like to know about her.

  4. If you ever read this Aubrey/Jo, yo were my inspiration. I came out myself soon after you went private. I'm happy in my new life these last 10 years and I pray you are too.