Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wish list

Over the past year, I've been making a list of images and videos I'd like to see from gurls across the world. Anyone who wants to contribute to this list should leave a message in the comments.

Long-time readers may remember that I've tried to make general photo suggestions in the past -- and failed to generate much interest. So I'm going to be more specific.

As a youngster I was something of a sports fan. I'd love to see someone recreate this famous magazine cover from 1977 -- golfer Jan Stephenson. Hint.

Next, I'd love to post a series of weather gurl photos -- pics inspired by the lovely women on The Weather Channel.

Have you seen this pic? While that seems photoshopped, many gurls have large screen televisions that would make for a great propr. Hint: during the local forecast on The Weather Channel, the screen simply shows information (and weather maps) without people. Record a short snippet, practice, and then snap a picture! Or make a video.

Speaking of videos, how about even more creativity? I'm tired of makeup videos and silent wiggling. Aren't you?

As an alternative, how about borrowing from the arts community? Auditioning actors prepare monologues that would be perfect for short videos. Gurls can find plenty of older material that is out of copyright, so they won't have to worry about threat of lawsuit from a big media company or author.

Here's an example of the genre:

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