Friday, August 28, 2009

At the movies

Currently, on youtube, viewers can find the entire film "Little Sister," featuring Jonathan Silverman as a college student who crossdresses for a fraternity prank. However, he stays en femme for a long period in order to be close to the girl of his dreams. The experience makes him a better person.

Thematically, the movie is not a lot different than "Tootsie" or "Nobody's Perfect."

Watching Roberta last night, I got to thinking about movies featuring guys in dresses. Of those with lengthy and plot-related content, which actors made the most convincing women? Which performances were in the best movies?

I'm not sure of the most convincing performance. Jaye Davidson was very good in "The Crying Game." After all, theater audiences audibly gasped when her genitalia were revealed. What are the other choices?

As for movies, I personally like "Just Like a Woman," though I haven't seen it in years. Youtube seems to have it as well. Last time I looked, the Adrian Pasdar performance wasn't available on DVD.

More recently, I enjoyed Neil Jordan's "Breakfast on Pluto," which featured Cillian Murphy in a fetching role:

Director Jordan also made "The Crying Game" and I've sometimes wondered why he twice connected "the troubles" in Ireland to transgender issues. Is he making a point I've missed?

What are other good choices for performances and films -- especially from the past few years? Readers, help me out!

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  1. Hey Gurl.... here are a couple of incidental cross dress moments in non-CD themed films.

    The Coca Cola Kid has a befuddled Eric Roberts (Julias prettier brother) dolled up while lost in Australia.

    Shallow Grave has a young Ewan McGregor thoroughly enjoying a booze soaked Scottish afternoon in an evening dress, not a day kilt.

    Neither of these scenes moved the story an inch forward, but clearly tickled the interests of director, crew and actors alike.

    And me too in the audience...